2018 September Trophy Moose Caribou Combo Hunts Still Available!

  • Save $1000 on remaining September Trophy Moose Caribou combo hunts. 2 Moose over 70’’ have been taken in the last 3 years. Highly successful do it yourself hunts. Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse have booked hunts through Arrowhead Outfitters for years. Price includes 1 Moose, 2 Caribou, Bear, Wolves, and Wolverine.
  • Resident special saves $1000 in remaining September fly-out Trophy Moose only hunts. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call me on my cell at 254.217.5161.
  • Save up to $1000.00 dollars on remaining August and September Caribou hunts! Call Howard at 254.217.5161

Howard Tieden, President

Please Read! Important Information!

June 18, 2018

Dear Sportsman:

Save $500 for non-resident and $1000 for residents on remaining 2018 north side fly our Caribou, Bear, Wolf, and Wolverine Hunts.

For the first time in years we have some limited Caribou openings for our North side fly out Caribou hunts. We blame the slight lack of bookings on fish and games hasty and not necessary decision of reducing the non-resident harvest from 2 Caribou to only 1 in one of the units we operate in. Enclosed please find a Letter explaining AFG method of counting caribou. Although A.O.I. and many other companies that conduct Caribou hunts disagree with there findings we still were forced to limit non-resident hunters in only a small portion of unit 26 to only harvest 1 Caribou. The rest of unit 26 we can harvest the usual 2 bulls. We have offered our clients the option to move them when they harvest the 1st bull with weather and time permitting to another location at no charge to harvest their 2nd caribou.

Enclosed please find a letter from Beth Lenert, Biologist for the Central Arctic Caribou Herd.
You will find the July 2017 counts and locations of the caribou counted.  For those of you not familiar with the systems used by the Alaska Fish & Game; they locate collared cows and a few bulls and count the animals after a picture is taken of the herd, then the animals are counted.  For over 20 years we have known that this is a poor way to count caribou numbers anywhere in the state simply because the caribou herds that do not have a collared caribou are missed.  Furthermore, due to the state cutbacks, they are only allotted enough flying hours to count only collared animals.  I have spoken to Beth for the last 3 years in great detail about all of the caribou we see approximately 2 weeks after their counting takes place in the area that we refer to as “The Foothills” of the North Slope.  This area includes and is not limited to an area from the Saddle Rocket Hills, Peters, Schrader Lakes, to the East, all the way to Gunsight Mountain and Coleville River, to the west.  This area of over 100 miles in length is not animal surveyed.  We see scattered herds of between 25 to 500 throughout this entire area.  We estimate that there are at least 5-7 thousand caribou in this one area that are never counted.

Their action in 2017 of restricting the Non-Residents Hunters to 1 Caribou saved less than 500 caribou total.

Due to Alaska Fish & Game’s season structure it is very difficult to get any regulation changed until the 3 year period is up for review, which is in 2020.  Beth concurred with my ideas and agrees unless the herd “crashes” before 2020 that we will get the 2 bull caribou harvest back.

The current information we have shown is that the caribou herd is in good condition and the population increased from last year. We will continue to provide the same outstanding service and best hunting opportunity to our clients and continue to offer a move to another sub-unit to harvest an extra caribou if the client chooses and the caribou are in the area.

We have also reduced our price of our Caribou Hunts in 2018 by $500. to the price of $2995. And includes wolf and wolverine at no additional charge.

For our Resident Hunters, we offer a hunt for $2495.  Resident Hunters can still harvest 2 caribou and additional Caribou added at an additional fee. Also, Grizzly bear and wolf. Wolverines can also be harvested after August 20th by both non-resident and residents.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to call me on my cell at 254.217.5161. Or visit our website at www.arrowheadoutfitters.com and Like and share us on Facebook.


Thank You and Good Hunting,

Howard Tieden, President

Arrowhead Outfitters, Inc.                    See Enclosed Document 


About Us

Arrowhead Outfitters LLC was founded by Howard Tieden, its current Director of Operations and Chief Pilot in 1982. Howard was born and raised in Cambridge Minnesota where, as a young man, he honed his hunting and fishing skills. After graduating high school, he moved to Colorado where he worked as a government trapper and soon after founded Arrowhead Outfitters. He offered guided Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear and Cougar hunts. In 1994, after several years of visiting Texas and discovering its abundant Wild Boar, Howard began offering Texas Wild Boar, coyote and bobcat hunts. With his passion for the outdoors and the sports of hunting and fishing, it was only natural that he would be drawn to Alaska.

In 1994 Howard made his first road trip to “the great state” of Alaska. There, he spent the majority of his time in the Brooks Range, bow hunting caribou and fishing. He repeated his journey to Alaska every year until he moved there in 1999; Howard discovered a lifetime dream.  In Alaska, he honed his skills as a “bush pilot”, working as a Flying Registered Assistant Guide. In 2006, Arrowhead Outfitters LLC was the first to offer fly-in Winter Pike Spear Fishing adventures from his home base in Wasilla, Alaska.  In the early years, he spent every fall flying and hunting with his family in the Brooks Range, Alaska. In 2008, Arrowhead Outfitters LLC, became a State of Alaska registered Big Game Transporter; we offered fly-in hunting and fishing adventures in South-Central and Northern Alaska to the general public.

We currently fly 2 high performance aircraft including a Maule M6, three passenger and a Maule M7, four passenger.  Additionally, we employ three highly experienced bush pilots to provide you with extraordinary service to its customers.

As Director of Operations and Chief Pilot, Howard enjoys sharing his vast experience and passion of the outdoors.  He hopes to help others discover their dreams of adventure. He is an immensely experienced Alaskan Bush Pilot and Texas Hunting Guide.  All of us Arrowhead Outfitters LLC aka “The Tundra Team” invite you to join them for your next great outdoor adventure.

Why Fly-In with Arrowhead?

Arrowhead Outfitters LLC has been family owned and operated since 1981. We offer the best fly-in hunting, fishing and flight-seeing value anywhere! We pride ourselves on our extraordinarily high hunter/fisher success rate. Additionally, our staff will provide you with stellar customer service. Our pilots are exceedingly experienced, professional and will deliver a highly personal experience. We fly two high performance Maule M6 and M7 aircraft on floats, built for un-rivaling adventures. Lastly, all airplane seats have windows for your enjoyment.

Here is a recent Article Sportsman’s Warehouse wrote on Arrowhead Outfitters LLC.

Arrowhead Outfitters Sportmans Artice

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Our Services

Now taking hunts for the 2019 Season! More info here!

The State of Alaska’s new regulation for Caribou hunting in Unit 26B (Northern Brooks Range) will remain in effect for this 2018 hunting season. Non-residents may only take one (1) Bull Caribou. We are reducing our price on this hunt to $2,995.00 per hunter. 

 We are accepting reservations for the upcoming seasons!

Our customer rate for rental vehicles is substantially reduced. We will send this information once you have booked your hunt.

Hurry, Book Now!

Caribou Hunts Available!

Join Arrowhead Outfitters LLC for an affordable hunting and or fishing trip of a lifetime! You and your party will fly with Arrowhead Outfitters to select areas of your choice in the Matanuska Valley/South Central Alaska, Northern Brooks Range/North Slope or Southern Brooks where you can hunt abundant big game in some of the most beautiful, remote and wild areas of Alaska. Arrowhead Outfitters LLC offers the best value in world class, affordable, fly-in fishing and hunting adventures in the Northern Brooks Range, Southern Brooks Range and South Central Alaska:


Alaska Hunt Descriptions

Northern Brooks Range/North Slope

CARIBOU HUNTS:  Self-Guided (over the counter licenses available to all US Citizens). ** License and Tags must be purchased separately. If the season is open during their hunt, hunters may harvest wolves (all US citizens) and Grizzly Bear (only State of Alaska residents or next of kin) at no additional charge during their hunt.

DALL SHEEP HUNTS: Self-guided and available to residents only AND non-resident hunters with next of kin accompanying them in the field. Tags unlimited and over-the-counter. HUNTS NOT AVAILABLE TO NON-RESIDENT HUNTERS ONLY. Please see Alaska Regulations for further explanation.

Southern Brooks Range

MOOSE HUNTS:  Self-Guided (over the counter licenses available to all US Citizens) ** License and Tags must be purchased separately. Hunters may harvest a Black Bear(all US citizens) and/or Grizzly Bear (only State of Alaska residents or next of kin as per State of Alaska hunting regulations) at no additional charge during their hunt. May also add two Caribou for an additional $3500.00

South-Central Alaska (Mat-Su Valley and Surrounding Area)

BLACK BEAR HUNTS: Self-Guided (over the counter licenses available to all US Citizens) ** License and Tags Must be purchased separately.

GRIZZLY BEAR HUNTS: Self-Guided (over the counter licenses available only to State of Alaska residents or next of kin, as per State of Alaska hunting regulations). ** License and Tags Must be purchased separately.


Alaska Fishing Services

South-Central Alaska (Mat-Su Valley and Surrounding Area)

If you are interested in guided or self-guided, trophy NORTHERN PIKE, TROUT, the mighty KING or RED SALMON fishing, we offer exciting and exclusive remote fly-in fishing packages on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, Matanuska Valley and surrounding areas May thru mid-July.

Northern & Southern Brooks Range

Fly-in with us mid-July through September to Alaska’s great Arctic (North and South of the Brooks Range) for a guided or self-guided trophy NORTHERN PIKE, GRAYLING, SHEEFISH, ARCTIC CHAR and trophy LAKE TROUT. You will fly to remote locations to experience world class trophy fishing on pristine rivers and lakes with thriving fish populations.

Camp Equipment Rental Available


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Texas Hunt Descriptions


Join Arrowhead Outfitters LLC in sunny, central Texas for an exciting and affordable, guided, multi species hunt including meals and lodging. These fun and exciting (5) day combination hunt packages include trophy Texas WHITE-TAIL DEER, WILD HOGS, BOBCAT & COYOTE.  This is all “free-range” hunting on a beautiful 20,000 acre ranch.  Day hunts are also available.


Wild boar hunting in Texas is a great winter getaway, and ultimate hunting adventure. We invite you to join us in sunny central Texas on a thrilling, guided WILD BOAR, COYOTE, and BOBCAT hunt.  Five day hunt packages including meal and lodging are available as well as single or multiple day hunts/

Our Lodge in Texas!

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