Black Bear and Grizzly (Brown) Bear Hunts

Hunt:            Self Guided Black and Brown Bear
Location:      Matanuska Valley and Talkeetna Mountains
Duration:     Hunters Choice
Dates:           Early May – Late June (approx)
Price:           $2,995.00 Black Bear $2,995.00 (Grizzly Bear)
Camp Equipment Rental Available

Hunt Description

All of us at Arrowhead Outfitters invite you to join us for an exclusive, exhilarating, fun and affordable fly-out self-guided spring Black Bear or Brown Bear *hunts in the Matanuska Valley, Talkeetna Mountains and the surrounding area.  Hunters will be flown by float plane from our Lodge in Wasilla, Alaska, to a remote hunting location of their choosing in the Matanuska Valley, Talkeetna Mountains and the surrounding area. Here, Black and Brown Bear are abundant. Get away from the crowds and fly-out with us to remote areas that are un-hunted/baited by others.

* (Self-Guided Brown Bear Hunts can only be conducted by Alaska residents or their immediate next of kin (as per State of Alaska hunting regulations). All US citizens are allowed to hunt self-guided for Black Bear).

The fly-in Alaska hunting trip you have dreamed of is simply a phone call away.

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Arrival & Departure Information

Hunters will be flown by float plane from a lake in Wasilla, Alaska  to a remote hunting location of their choosing, in the Matanuska valley, Talkeetna Mountains and surrounding area that offers the greatest bear hunting opportunities.



For information on current fees and license information please refer to the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game.

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General Info

General Information for All Self-Guided Fly-out Hunts

Please Read Carefully!

Number of Hunters in Party: Unlimited, but typically 2-6.

Length of Stay: Unlimited (the price remains the same no matter the length of your hunt), but typically 5-7 Days (Caribou), 10-14 days (Moose) and 14 days or more (Sheep). For a combination package you should allow approximately 20 days.   It is highly recommended that hunters allow ample time for their hunt and allow for weather days on either end of their hunt. Weather in the Arctic can be unpredictable at times and we will not fly in unsafe conditions.

Weight Limitation: 70 lbs per person including camp equipment. Typically in smaller aircraft you’d be limited to 50 lbs!  You will be flying in a small aircraft with strict weight limitations so we ask that you keep mindful of this when preparing for your trip. Also, pack your gear, equipment and food in small, waterproof dry bags (not garbage bags), as these are much easier to transport in the plane. Suitcases, large duffle bags and hard gun cases, cases of soft drinks and other similar bulky and heavy items that exceed your weight limitations and our aircrafts carrying capacity, can be transported for additional cost. Bear Spray is allowed, however, it is critical that you advise our crew and your pilot that you have it as it must be safely stored (for the safety of our passengers and pilot) in the float compartment until you arrive at your camp location.

Field Communication: There is limited to no cell phone coverage in most backcountry areas in Alaska and no cell phone coverage after you depart Fairbanks with the exception of Prudhoe Bay, which has some cell phone coverage. Prior to your hunt it is mandatory that you rent and bring an IRIDIUM Satellite Phone (do not rent another brand, as it will not work). These phones are your best means of communication with our base camp and are a life saver if you have an emergency. IRIDUM satellite phones can be rented from a number of different Sat phone Rental Companies locally or online and are fairly economical running from $50 to $90 per week.

Weather Conditions and Climate

Spring weather conditions in the Matanuska Valley and the Talkeetna Mountains are generally very mild with temperatures ranging from 30 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bugs: Black Flies and Mosquitoes are almost always prevalent in the Alaska backcountry and can be encountered during the spring summer and fall. Dryer years are less buggy.  We recommend hunters take ample supplies of bug spray, head nets, etc. to protect themselves from these pesky critters.

Booking Information: To book your hunt call 907-746-7744, or email your request to

A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. This deposit secures your booking with us and guarantees the hunt dates you select. Deposits are non-refundable, however if an emergency should arise preventing you from participating in your scheduled hunt, it can be used toward another hunt with us.  1-YEAR CARRY OVER ONLY.

After payment of your deposit we will provide you with a receipt, hunt contract, and itinerary letter.

The balance of your hunt is due per the hunt contract. Personal checks will only be accepted 90 days prior to the start of your chosen hunt. All final payments that are submitted 60 days or less before the start of your hunt must be paid by Cash, Direct Deposit, or Electronic Check.  We also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit Cards.

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